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Against the Grain

"Josh is wonderful. The cinematography is gorgeous. It's an exciting new direction for Pakistani cinema"
Mohsin Hamid, author "The Reluctant fundamentalist", "Moth Smoke", "How to get filthy rich in rising Asia"

"It's a great achievement, and it is heart warming to know that we have an audience today that is supporting a film like JOSH which is critically acclaimed internationally but has a limited market in Pakistan."
Nadeem H. Mandviwalla, Distributor, The Platform

"The great multi Oscar winning director Frank Capra lives again, only this time as a young, Pakistani woman named Iram Bilal, who in JOSH, her stunning debut, manages the rare combination of trenchant social criticism and heart warming characters whose deep humanity shows in every frame."
Robert Rosenstone, Film Historian, Author

"Came back with a sense of poetic justice in the works, a sort of karma - what goes around comes around. Your depiction of a very important social issue in Pakistan is credible. I was inspired by your film. Keep up the good work. All the best,"
Roohi Vora, Department of English Lecturer, San Jose State University

"It's exciting to see a new, powerful and clear voice emerge from Pakistan from such a talented young woman. JOSH needs to be seen by Western audiences so they will understand that Pakistani citizens are demanding justice and equality for all her people.."
- Mitchell Block, Indiewire

"I am a huge fan of the intermingling stories of the characters, as it made for an intense viewing experience. Throw in an awesome soundtrack, and you have a very sophisticated and entertaining production."
- Farhan Aziz, Director, Latham & Watkins, viewer, sneak preview, Los Angeles

"JOSH is Top 3 at Mumbai International Film Festival"
- Mid Day, India, 24 October 2012

"The narrative feature film recipients are writer-director Iram Parveen Bilal for her film JOSH (Against The Grain)
- "Women in Film sets 10 film fund recipients."
- Variety, Oct 10, 2012

"Top 15 Recommended Films"
- Deepti D'Cunha, IFFI Goa Film Bazaar Viewing Room

"When it has distribution, run, don't walk to see JOSH. This is one that will stay with me like Slumdog Millionaire did."
- Virginia Belwood, viewer, Stanford University

[Iram] succeeds in showing us, rather than tellimg, something true and challenging. I was delighted that Iram's film succeeds in telling a great story about the coexistence of an almost medieval feudal rural society and a modern cosmopolitcan generation….If you get a chance to see this film, take it!"
- Jim Fruchterman, Social Entrepreneur

"Yes, JOSH has the beautiful sweeping cinematography. It has the vivid colors and characters that aren't just "types" but seem to have souls. But more than that, having never been to Pakistan, watching one movie I felt like the heart of a people was speaking…telling me things I don't otherwise get to hear, just through story and cinema instead of prose."
- Lena Khan, Writer/Director

"Josh really captures the electricity that comes with changing times. It is an engaging story with characters that will draw the audience in. Without being overly academic the film does a good job of capturing the Pakistan, that is full of contradictions; a country that manages to hold one's heart despite it's many flaws. Highly recommended!"
- Zamzam Syed Student Affairs, UC Davis, viewer, Stanford University

"Aamina is the face of many advertising campaigns and popular Pakistani television serials. She makes for a well-balanced team with her director Iram. While Aamina is earnest, Iram is feisty and no-holds-barred. Like Aamina, Iram finds her stories in free-spirited women etching out an identity in the most volatile situations. You understand why Fatima, the protagonist in JOSH, would be their mascot."
- "Tides of Change" - Femina, December Issue

"Pakistani director Iram Parveen Bilal likes to make an impact…whether its with her attire or the hard-hitting subject of her first independent full length feature film JOSH.
"I love men, but women are special."
- Sudeshna Chatterjee, Times Of India, Time Life

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